Saturday, 19 August 2017

Up to Ears in Corn!

We've been kept hopping at the corn table these last few days.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped in and returned for another season of corn or visited for the first time!  We're hearing from regulars that despite the weather we've had, the corn is delicious this year.  Along with the amazing taste of some of our regular early season favourite varieties (like Navajo), we have a few new types that will make the "must grow" list for next year including Cuppa Joe! Its amazing to see lush full beautifully germinated cobs that the raccoons aren't keeping completely to themselves.

We have had a few days of our first white corn of the season and were glad that last weekend we were able to keep some of the white corn fans happy with a Saturday mid-afternoon appearance!

Quantity continues to look great - Pete's gamble with seed (and a fast re-ordering just as we realized it was do that or build an ark like Noah when the May rains started) has been a success.

We're also proud of our corn-y kids who have been working diligently to keep the table stocked and practicing their math skills for back to school preparation!  By the way, their 4-H Lamb Show at the Peterborough Ex went well...but Carolyn was starting to feel like a let down after so many people shared their disappointment that none of the kids were working on Sunday!

Along with the corn it's been great to see so many people stocking up on our farm fresh garlic bulbs and braids, yellow and green beans, zucchini and cucumbers.  Ella's excited to report that her heirloom tomatoes from our friend Jill at Urban Tomato are growing like we've never seen.  We've had to put baler twine and electric fence stakes to work trying to keep the plants upright.  Watch for updates on these beauties coming very soon!

Thanks to everyone for sharing the positive comments and letting us know how much they're enjoying the local bounty.  Get out there and buy from a local farmer today.

Here's our newest corn-pun of the season:
What did the corn say when he was complimented?  Aww, shucks!
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So for all those positive comments, thanks and "aww, shucks"!  We look forward to seeing you at the corn table!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

It's Officially Corn Season!

After what has felt like non-stop rain and cool weather this spring and summer, we're excited to announce the return of Dorisdale Farm Sweet Corn on Wednesday, August 2, 2017.

The weather means that our early planted corn did not have quite the germination we hoped for. That means corn supply will be limited to start but in a week or so, it looks like we'll have consistent supply until well into September....if things all go according to plan!  (It also means that first cut hay has been a challenge but that's another story....)

Peter just remembered a discussion with a long-time customer last summer about when corn and veggie sales (plus eggs, raspberries, pumpkin, squash, gourds etc) started at Dorisdale.  The customer was certain that he first purchased farm fresh goodies here in 1971.  That means we're pleased to be starting our 47th season!

As we set up the corn table tonight, it was natural for us to think of past seasons at the picnic table. Gerald and Bernadette loved what corn season meant - visits with neighbours, meeting cottagers and tourists and sharing their love for hard-work and locally produced food...before local was "trendy"! We're so pleased that our kids continue to show an interest and how they always hear a near story about their grandparents at the corn table!

As the saying goes - time flies when you're having fun!  This season marks our 18th garlic harvest here at Dorisdale and our 19th corn season. We hope to see you at the corn table this season!  Check back regularly for updates and news.

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Year End Garlic

Since the calendar says it's officially (almost) mid December, it's time to be focusing on Christmas preparations.  It's been a very busy fall here though, so instead of baking and decorating, today is garlic day!

Earlier this fall we planted garlic cloves and put them to bed until spring.  It's always amazing to see garlic starting to pop through once the March sun starts shining.  It's certainly one of our favourite first signs of spring!

But.....we still had a couple of baskets left from our incredible 2016 garlic harvest sitting in the kitchen for more than a few weeks needing to be dealt with.  Today is the day!

You know we like experimenting with our home grown food so after a quick internet search, we decided to give freezing garlic a try. We're hoping this means we'll be able to extend the season and have garlic cloves until we're ready to harvest again in July 2017.

First off we needed to figure out an easy way to peel the individual cloves.  Here's our tip - shake, shake, shake!

We just put heads of garlic and cloves in a glass jar and shook and shook and shook.  The result - pretty good and a lot less peeling than what we started with!
After lots of shaking and peeling, here's the end result - a big pile of cloves (and a very garlicy smelling kitchen!).

After a quick rinse, we placed the cloves into clean jars for easy freezing.  We're hoping the jars contain the garlic smell a bit....or else Christmas baking we tuck away in the freezer might appeal to different senses this year!

We'll let you know what we think over the next few months.  #loveONTfood #lovelocal

Friday, 2 September 2016

What a Corn Year!

2016 is definitely going down in our books as a year to remember!

If you've been following our blog, Facebook page or Tweets, you'll know that the dry conditions have wreaked havoc with our regular sweet corn crop.  We've learned from the generations of farmers that we're descendants of that there are sometimes great years, challenging years and difficult times.

Thanks to the Doris, Fitzgerald, Leahy, Condon, Wren, Gibbons, Pettigrew and McGaghran families (that's a who's who of farm families of both Peterborough and Renfrew Counties!) for persevering and passing along a love of the land and a lifestyle that combines family, faith, farming and friends.

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Corn season is definitely winding down but we're enjoying a lovely last few varieties of sweet corn. We'll be open all Labour Day Weekend but not likely for much longer after that.  So please do stop in and get your last feeds of Dorisdale Sweet Corn of the 2016 vintage!

Thanks to all our patient customers this year as we dealt with smaller produce and sporadic openings. We're looking forward to 2017!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Reminiscing About 2001

Thanks to all our wonderful customers, neighbours, friends and family for your patience in this hot, dry season.  We appreciate your visits, calls, messages, emails and advance orders this corn season.

As mentioned in previous posts, we're estimating that we've lost between 60 and 70% of our 2016 sweet corn crop.  Not only have the days with corn on the table been few and far between, our family is seriously behind in our corn quota!  We usually eat corn twice a day (at least) throughout the season since we live by Grandma Bernadette's philosophy of you don't sell anything you haven't eaten yourself! We can count on one hand how many times we've only managed sweet corn on our own dinner plates.  (Must admit we did have a delicious yellow for breakfast though yesterday!)

Today our daughter Maggie turns 15 and that has us reminiscing about the dry summer of 2001.  Our corn sales were cut short that year between a mixture of dry weather and the arrival of beautiful 2nd daughter!  Reflecting helps to remind us that there are good years and there are bad years. 2016 definitely falls into the bad category in terms of sweet corn productivity; family wise, this year and many others fall into the good category.

Maggie with big sister Claire - August 2001

From the looks of a sweaty Claire, the weather in summer of 2001 was hot too!

We thought we should share this picture of Maggie's 1st birthday dinner.  As a true Doris and corn lover, we couldn't get her to put her cob of corn down for pictures or birthday cake!  Poor Maggie didn't have corn for dinner tonight either.  For anyone who's met Maggie at the stand this year, it is really incredible how quickly our kids grow up isn't it!

Maggie, her corn cob and 1st birthday cake (with Claire) August 11, 2002

We're hoping to mange being back in the corn business either Friday or Saturday (it is, after all, a day-to-day business).  Stay tuned and watch for our signs.  And thanks again for your patience and love for locally grown food!

Friday, 5 August 2016

Garlic Taste Testing

Despite the drought, our garlic crop is incredible this year.  If you're a garlic lover, plan to stop in and stock up for winter - it is delicious!

Since it was a vacation-from-work-but-working-on-the-farm week, we took the opportunity to try a couple new recipes.  We can't wait to try our spicy pickled green beans (another recipe from our favourite pickling resource - The Complete Book of Pickling by local  Home Economist Jennifer Mackenzie).

But on the garlic theme, we must share this delicious dinner idea- Beef and Pesto Roulade.  Using Dorisdale Farm Round Marinating Steak, we decided this is definitely one dinner option we need to make again.  Instead of traditional basil pesto though, we made it using frozen garlic scape pesto we made during garlic scaping season. Delicious!

(Note - not our photography - credit to

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Savour the Season

Instead of weather sadness, we're being positive and savouring the season!

We have two delicious varieties available today - a bi-colour and a white corn (one of our family favourites).  As you know, our crop is running at about 25-30% of where it should be, so that just means enjoy it while you can!

We love experimenting with new corn recipes each year.  Well actually, to be honest, trying new recipes that feature locally and Ontario grown vegetables and fruit is a favourite past time.  We've had great success.....well except for maybe the pickled milk weed experiment a couple years ago.

Here's a few new ideas fresh from the Toronto Star.  Why not try them today with Dorisdale corn that we actually have today! We'll be posting some of our favourite garlic recipes shortly too.

If you need corn, we recommend calling (705-295-2755), emailing ( or sending us a Facebook message if you have immediate corn needs.  We'll do our best to help you out!
Have a great hot day!